Sumatra Wahana Timang Gaja


Notes of honey, jasmine and black tea accompanied by a medium body and a balanced, lemon acidity.


The Wahana Estate was started in 2005 with the mission of producing and delivering specialty, high grade coffees using sustainable agricultural practices and offering clear traceability. The Estate is located in the Sidikalang-Dairi and is comprised of 250 Hectars of land, 30 of which comprise the coffee nursery.

Wahana also houses a washing station and mill inside their estate which affords them better ability to produce a higher quality product and a more consistent cup. These structures also allow them to buy cherries from other farmers and quickly put them into production if they need to. Being good stewards of both the land and the coffee community at large, the owners and workers of The Wahana Estate makes social responsibility a priority and even offer a support center for farmers who are in need of assistance.

Over the years, a special partnership between Hubbard & Cravens and The Wahana Estate has sprung up, involving many visits to one another’s facilities and even coffee buying trips together. We know that we can rely on them for not only their steadfast loyalty as partners, but also for the high quality product they produce.

Notes of honey, jasmine and black tea accompanied by a medium body and a balanced lemon acidity.



1350 masl
Balanced Lemon
Fully Washed

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