Costa Rica Yellow Honey


Notes of orange, apricot, and brown sugar accompanied by a balanced, citrus fruit acidity and medium body.


This yellow honey processed coffee comes to us from Costa Rica’s West Valley, where our friend Javier Barrantes and his son Diego cultivate many sought-after bean varieties.  Together, they own and operate a 16 hectare specialty coffee farm that has been in their family for four generations.

This particular coffee gets its name from the way in which the beans are processed, the yellow honey process. Processing the coffee this way means that instead of washing all the fruity mucilage off the beans post fermentation, Javier & Diego allow some of that fruit to remain as the beans dry on raised drying beds. During this drying period, the beans are endowed with more sweetness and fruit -forward notes via the drying fruit that encompasses them. Once the 3-4 week drying process is complete, the remaining mucilage is removed form the bean but the sweet, fruity notes remain and can be enjoyed in the cup it will eventually produce.

Expect fruity notes accompanied by hints of apricot, orange, and brown sugar accompanied by a medium body and citrus acidity.


1650 masl
Balanced Citrus Fruit
Yellow Honey

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